Two Minutes (Inhale, Exhale)

Two minutes ago, I concluded to myself that I am quite troubled in all aspects of my life.

Physically, I was tired and burned out, and couldn’t look at myself at the mirror lest crashing into the bitter reality that i am continuously looking older than my age.

Emotionally, I was shattered and weakened. I have a family that borders between dysfunctional and socially-pretentious. I have a relationship with someone whom I expect to pull me through the worst of my days, but ended up him choosing Season 2 of Vampire Diaries over his anticipating partner.

Socially, I am displaced. I don’t know which friends are dependable on rainy days, and I didn’t know who to call when I needed lifeline support.

Spiritually, I am simply lost and nowhere to be found.

We all need a time-out.

As I tried to reroute the little sanity left in me, I googled on tips on how to be, or keep creative (as I have been thirsted by such for the longest time).

I came across a blog entry that was written last June 2011 by Tina Su. I roughly scanned through the page and literally just tried to choose the words that made sense to me.

Perhaps, the only thing that matters is love.
Perhaps, all the chasing we do is just misdirected energy.
Perhaps, all the stress is unnecessary.
Perhaps, we are making life a lot more complicated than it needs to be.
Perhaps, it’s possible (and necessary) to forgive and to let go of our painful past.

Perhaps, it is not. But that is me being very pessimistic. Nevertheless, I gave it a shot, gave these words a chance in me, and reflected.

Two minutes have passed, and I realized….

Nothing will happen if all we believe in is what we can not, do not, or will not do or get or have. Everything is mindplayed, and unless we want to make our lives miserable for another two minutes, then the will to stop thinking and start moving is within us. And by moving I mean letting go and moving on.

So physically, I’ll be better.

Emotionally, I’ll be stronger.

Spiritually, I’ll be closer.

And I probably wouldn’t be needing another two minutes to start doing or thinking so.




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